Yearly Service from £108**

(Recommended every 12 months or Manufacturers Mileage Advised)


- Check top up levels under bonnet

- Renew engine oil* (special oils incur additional charges)

- Renew engine oil filter* & air filter*

- Add screen wash

- Battery health check

- Steering check

- Visual brake analysis

- Suspension check

- Inspection of Exhaust system

- Check tyre tread depth and condition

- Fault/advisories diagnosis record

- Service book stamped


Option 4

** Price includes labour and VAT

* Parts are charged at additional cost. We no longer accept customer supplied parts, this is to protect your warranty and for your safety. We source parts from reputable and trusted suppliers and can only offer warranty on parts and labour when these parts are used.



- All of the Yearly Service

+ Full analysis of brake pad wear by wheel removal

+ Replace fuel filter* when required

+ Replace spark plugs* (petrol vehicles)/glow plugs* (diesel)

+ Check and advise timing belt

+ Clean/Replace pollen filter*

+ Check brake fluid viscosity

+ Replace any bulbs as required

Upgrade to Major Service from £180.00** (Manufacturers Mileage Advised)

Choose the service that suits you.

BGG (2)
* Required

Telephone 01242 317295

Small Service £72**







ECU Readings & Diagnostics

with latest oscilliscope technology



- Check top up levels under bonnet

- Renew engine oil*

- Renew engine oil filter* and air filter*

- Visual brake analysis

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